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25th May 2005

horohoro_x_ren4:29pm: Banner request.
Hey I just joined! I want to make a request! I wanted to know if you can make me a Horohoro banner for my site? (hes from Shaman King) Ill give you credit! I want just any horohoro pic to go with it buit I want it tosay Horohoro Icee on it in blue or white letters. Thanikes! I will give ya credit! ;)
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15th May 2005

fanart_icons4:10am: Latest Icons~
Sorry for my tremendously long hiatus but schoolwork and predictable stuff like that has been getting to me. In any case, I have some more artwork to offer up for you, and once again, I really really apologize for how long it's taken me to complete it. I hope you like it.

Posting these up here as well as in the "fanart_icons" journal, so people who want them or requested them can find them~

Below the cut:

[1] x Shader icon, for chrno_crusader or narakie_hearts
[3] x Al and Scar icons, with altered text, for jade_pen

Clicketh HereCollapse )

The rest is coming ASAP! I'm back in business! :P

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16th April 2005

hoisian5:31pm: take the banner girl!!!
okay then

well i finished the banner for shadowcollector

I am so sorry it took so long ;_; hope you can forgive me... i also hope this is the type of thing that you wanted....i wasn't too sure, if you dont like it you can always say and maybe i shall have another shot at it :/

any Nows, here it is ^^

clik here 4 bananaCollapse )

AGHHHH! My little sister has been playing the damn recorder all morning(she is four yrs old so you could probably imagine the raket coming out!!) ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY MAN!!!!

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7th April 2005

roadkillpuppies2:45am: 'nother request
uhm you dont have to do this right away but i thought i'd suggest it before i forget.

how about some chibby icons of orochimaru?
Similar style to this one:

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5th April 2005

shadowcollector7:48pm: Request
This community is a great idea, very nice layout! ^_^
Anyway, I've abit of a request...

lookie!Collapse )

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roadkillpuppies3:10am: request
Read more...Collapse )

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4th April 2005

phyllis_tic11:52am: Hello
Hello I just joined and I have a request. ^_^

requestCollapse )
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2nd April 2005

hoisian6:01pm: ICONS!
startin up a community now XD makin icons hey!
okay people! i have icons i could make! so any request feel free to ask x.X oooo, if u do not fully trust my skills visit my journal and browse hoisian and u should come across some of my handy work ^^ kk have fun n let me know if u want me to do any thing


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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26th March 2005

v_siggy_us_haha8:55pm: Re: 2nd Request XD;;
*waves* Hey Erica XD

Jen's 2nd RequestCollapse )
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